Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Maintaining a BLOG.

 Why do people communicate via blogs? What are some things to keep in consideration while posting?

People communicate via blogs because it allows them to get things of their chest, without having to even know the person you're talking to. With 7 billion individuals in the entire species, there is at least one person that will be willing to listen or may feel the same way you do.  It may also give a sense of comfort to the writer, who may be going through tough times. When a person is unable to talk to anyone, they will need an outlet to blow some steam. A blog is a perfect example of this outlet.

Things To Keep In Consideration:

Some things to take into a count when posting on here is to be mindful of others views. On the internet, it is extremely difficult to understand how one should feel because you are typing on a screen, and no one can see how you react. So usually if someone is blowing steam, they'll "TYPE LIKE THIS" or you know do this ">:(((". Another thing to keep in consideration is to, understand that people will be reading this, and make criticism. If you can't take criticism about certain topics, its best not to post about them: certainly if you feel emotionally attached. A third thing to also consider is the fact people will be reading this, like I said before. Meaning that people can see you spill your heart out on the internet or see you put someone on blast. Just be very mindful when posting.

This is something I abide by.

Shayne Kelly