Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Experience with the Photo Essay.

This is my first time doing a photo essay, like many other people in our class. I have enjoyed putting it together thus far. We all hit snags in the road and I'm still trying to figure what to do combat them. In my honest opinion... I'm doing a lot better than I would on a regular essay.
Some worries I have run into are meeting the page limit. I have only 6 photos at the moment which is about three sets(each photo is group together). This was due to not having a heck-ton of film, and I couldn't order anymore at this time. Like I said I still need to put the photos in an order, so that it would make sense and I can meet the requirements. This is really my only struggle. I just hope it's enough to make people understand what I'm going for.
In my original plan, I wanted to get some testimonials as well. I still need to do that too. That won't be as vigorous, but I thought I'd mention it.

Good luck on your essays.